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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Jinny's 18th Birthday

Trostrey Gold Genista
7.12.1992 - 28.03.2002

Jinny - a Yorkshire Terrier - was born in Trostrey, Usk, Monmouthshire on 7th December 1992. She never left my Mums' side in all the years they were together. They went everywhere together and were the best of friends.
Today would have been "Jinny's" 18th Birthday if she was still with us. She sadly had to cross over The Rainbow Bridge on 28th March 2002 after having kidney failure and epileptic seizures.
It was after Jinny - the original Genista, that Mum first named her Teddy Bear business "The House Of Genista", in Memory of her beloved Princess. She was Mums' Baby through and through and the family still miss her terribly. As Mum always says
Jinny certainly left behind "Her Paw Prints In Our Hearts"
Mum says, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCESS" wherever you are across The Rainbow Bridge. As always we have remembered your Birthday by placing a bouquet of flowers next to your casket and have lit a candle for you. We love you dearly!"

Princess Kisses