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Friday, 4 February 2011

In Honour Of Jasper

Today is a sad day for my family and me! It is one year today that my brother Jasper - known as "Babba" crossed over The Rainbow Bridge from diabetes. He was my big brother and looked after me and I miss him sooooooo much! He was a Wonderful dog!

31/10/98 - 4/02/2010

This post is just to honour and remember my brother.

Run With The Big Dogs Jasper.
Love you always!

Princess Kisses

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Olivia Is Much Better!!

I am glad to report that Olivia is much better now. She has "feline cystitis". She was passing blood in her urine and was very uncomfortable. She has visited our veterinarean for a full examination and has had an injection and meds for it which she has to take for about 5 days or until the symptoms disappear. He has advised that Olivia be spayed in a few weeks time - a full hysterectomy.

I will let you know how she gets on...
Bye for now.

Princess Kisses